Weekend Fun….

Grocery Shopping Weekend – We shop every other week for Groceries.  I find the less often I am in the store the less I spend!! This is how we feed 4 adults and 1 child for around $125/week.  See our weekly menu for an idea of how we eat.

First Stop……the bank to get cash for our various envelopes for the week. Funds put into the Grocery, the Fun and Grandpa’s envelope.

Next stop….the Library!! I love flipping through books that I read about or hear about. Much better than buying the books or hanging out in Barnes and Noble for hours!This week the following books came home with me…

Ramsey_More_Than_Enough__92910_1354740633_1280_1280 dave_ramsey_book_cover2 imagesCA5C1T1W 9780307339454

9780062207395_custom-a58b589a2dc61b5e2a913e7d5de24450815da2d0-s6-c10 15731876 51BwOS-dHhL

As you can see from the titles, I am still on my personal finance kick.  That seems to be how my reading goes…I have a few areas of interest and will switch between them throughout the year.  Must be my season for personal finances. 


Grocery/Household Supplies Totals

Bread Thrift Store         $ 14.12 (3 loaves bread, 2 buns, 2 hoagie, English Muffins and Bagels)

Aldi                               $ 98.24

Sam’s Club                    $ 82.58  (Paper Products, Corned Beefx2, Banana’s, Protein Drink for Grandpa) 

Walmart                        $ 41.51  (mostly food, but $8.00 for vitamins)

TOTAL for 2 Weeks    $236.45  /$118 per week





What a group….shaking hands over a dead body!  Poor Angel Wood.


A much needed quiet day at home after church.  Planning on cleaning a bit, blogging and reading!  Have to prepare for a busy work week.  Even found time to sneak in a LONG nap!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!





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