dbet The menu is planned so we went to purchase groceries for the next two weeks. With my shopping list in hand, we headed off to Aldi’s for the first round of purchases.  My menu was made around the meat I had on hand.  I am working on cleaning out my freezer so I can defrost it!    

Our weekly food budget is $100/week to feed 5 people each night.   

The Website “I’m a Organizing Junkie” is where I got started on meal planning. I still find the Menu Plan Monday posts very helpful each week to plan my menu.

Grocery Shopping for 1/29/12
Walmart $ 44.50   – our actual cost was 96.83, but there were many non-food items.
Aldi $ 79.50 
Cub $13.27

Total Spent for 14 days – $137.27 = $9.81/Day or $68.64/ week

Our total spent was less due to my really trying to use up what we had in our freezer.  We hope to buy a 1/4 cow in a few months so I am working hard to make room in our freezers.   I anticipate a another week of so of trying to empty our freezers. 

Happy Savings!!


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