Making Bag Lunches Just Got Easier………….


Save Time and Money

 I must make a very non frugal confession.  I try to save money wherever I can as we pursue our dream of being debt free.   But last year Tommy ate hot lunch nearly every day.  I just could not get into the groove of making lunches and I would procrastinate each night.  I would then say, “Forget it, he will have to hot lunch I have to get to bed”.

I am sure you are all thinking, well just make the lunch in the morning!! Well obviously you don’t know me! I am not a morning person and I just go through the motions until at least  9:00.  It isn’t pretty nor pleasant for those that love me.


But this year I am off to a great start at being able to make lunches everyday!  I discovered a new blog called Make 5 Dinners in ONE Hour, and the lightbulb went off after reading her article about Make Ahead Lunches.  Of course, I kicked myself for not having thought of this before.  I do everything ahead why would I not make lunches ahead.  DUH!!

I wanted to share with you my adventures in making lunches this evening.  I must say my oldest son (age 23) has already adopted this practice as well!   I made 4 lunches for Tommy, 4 lunches and 4 breakfasts for myself.  The money I am saving makes me giddy. I should have timed myself, but I didn’t think of it. 

Our lunches include the following:

Tommy Lunches (4) : peanut butter sandwich, pudding, water, 100 calorie cookies and a peach.
Mom Breakfast:(4) bagel thins with strawberry cream cheese and blueberries.
Mom Lunches: Salad (2) and hard boiled eggs, 2 sandwiches, peaches and grapes for a snack.

Obviously the steps are simple, but you know me……..I love to share pictures of the obvious, so humor me!

 Start by clearing a big surface to work on and gather all your supplies.


I make all the sandwiches at once – assembly line style.

 I put all the sandwiches, bagels and fruit into my bin and take everything to the downstairs fridge.  Now I have a shelf full of enough breakfasts and lunches to last all week!  Completed in less than an hour.  Life is good!!  (took me a bit longer as I was taking pictures)

I am feeling more organized and back on track for school to start.  It feels great to be blogging more again.  I always get excited about getting ready for school to start and organizing.  

This just makes me so happy for the time and money I am saving.  Still kicking myself that I didn’t think of this on my own. ARGH!!

Happy Savings!!



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  1. Hi! Stopping by from 5dinners1hour! Kudos to you for prepping your lunches too! I am going to try it this week! I’ve been prepping our dinners {and blogging about it all} each Sunday since around January and it has made such a difference in our family time!!

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