Family Update: May- June 2011

  Man, life is speeding by and I am not living up to my goal of blogging a weekly review.   ARGH!!  

Highlights from May /June:

May has been very busy with end of the school year events!!   I wish everything would not all happen in May!

May 5th was the Beyonds Words Event at Tommy’s School.  The children showcase their work related the years theme for all the parents to see.  This year’s theme was Literature.

Culminating event 001

Tommy’s Art Project – The Lost Hero

Culminating event 003

Tommy’s Drawing of the Lorax

Culminating event 008

Tommy showing us the various books he made as part of Literature Week.

On May 15th – Joshua celebrated his 23rd birthday!    He was happy to receive a kindle for his gift from the family. 

Culminating event 013

Culminating event 012
My Boys……

Tommy particpated in the Read A Thon at his school and won a prize for the most minutes read in 3rd grade. He also won a skate board in the prize raffle. He was very excited, since I have been refusing to purchase a skate board for him.   He has discovered the Happy Potter books and is starting the 4th book.


On May 22nd, a tornado touched down in our sister city, Minneapolis, MN. Luckily, over in White Bear Lake we only had some rain and wind, but we did heed the warnings/sirens and headed to the basement. The damage in Minnesota is nothing compare to Joplin, Missouri. Our hearts go out to the victims of the tornado in Joplin. It is a reminder to us in the Midwest to not take severe weather lightly.

Tommy also participated in the Culver’s Fundraiser. He really enjoyed working at the restaurant.


Over Memorial Weekend, my brother came to visit with his family.   He and his wife were taking their daughter, her hubby and children to Walt Disney World.  Tommy was so excited to see his cousins!  I really enjoy seeing my great nephews. 

Culminating event 017

Tommy and my great-nephews.  Love these guys!

 Culminating event 014
My brother, Dan and grandson Gracen. 

Tommy had his acting debut in his first play every, The SuperPlay.  He had a small part, but had a great time and is looking forward to participating in the drama club again next year.

Culminating event 019 

Culminating event 024 

Tommy was the Statue of Life in the play. 

Culminating event 027

All the Statues….


Good golly, Miss Molly.  We miss you.
We said good bye to another family pet in June.  Molly’s life ended due to recurrent cancer. 


This week my brother in law, Pete is visiting from Virginia for the week.  



New posts at Reading in White Bear Lake (my book blog) include:

Books read in May/June:

  • Sing you Home – Jodi Picoult – 4/5 (review)
  • Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford –  3/5 (review)
  • The Secret Kept – Tatiana de Rosnay – 3/5
  • Night Road – Kristin Hannah – 4/5
  • The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – 4/5
  • The Cross Gardner – Jason F Wright – 3/5
  • Promise Not to Tell – Jennifer McMahon – 3/5


Be Well………………….

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