Back to School Series: Bedtime Routine



Maybe it is the smell of crayons or the hustling to buy school supplies, but my thoughts are turning to “Back to School”.  I need to get back on track after a summer of less structure in our home.I have slacked off on some of my routines this summer.  I have to get in shape for the balancing act of juggling, working fulltime, volunteering and having kids in school.  Therefore, it is “Back to School” boot camp time for this mom!  The success of the morning at our house really is up to me.  I set the tone and attitude for the morning with my children.  Towards the end of last year, the success of our mornings really deteriorated.  I end up feeling so bad if I happen to become inpatient with Tommy in the morning, which happened more often then I liked.I want to start the school year off on the right foot.

I know I need to get back to following my bedtime and morning routines again.I also need to get Tommy back on a school schedule.Hubby and I have agreed on a bedtime for Tommy and will start implementing this on the 23rd.  That will give him 2 weeks back on schedule before school starts.

That means I have one week to get back on track with my bedtime routine, before I focus on the morning routine for Tommy and I.

So I want to chat a bit about our bedtime routines.  Do you have one???   I struggle to do mine each night as I rather do a million other things, but life goes much better if “ I just do it!”   Story of my life, quit complaining and just do it!

 Jen’s Bed Time Routine:
1.  Wash Dishes/Clean Counters (usually some member of my family does this)
2.  Sweep Kitchen
3.  Make Lunches/ Prep for Dinner
4.  Switch Laundry/ Lay out Clothes
5.  Take Dogs Out – 9:00
6.  Go To Bed – 10:00

Do I do each of these items each night??  Nope, life happens, but I try to.  But just doing these few things each night, keeps the house presentable enough for us. 

I like to start my bedtime routine at 8:00 or 8;30, once Tommy has started his bedtime routine with Daddy. The bedtime routine really helps to make my mornings run more smoothly.  If my morning goes more smoothly, then I am a better mommy and wife in the morning.  I remind myself of this each time I procrastinate and tell myself, “just do it!”.  I want to be the best Mommy and Wife I can be.

What is your bedtime routine?  If you don’t have one, tell us three things that you would like to do each evening to make your morning go more smoothly!   Now write them down and start implementing your plan!

I look forward to hearing from you next week about how you have done with your bedtime routine.  We can do this!!

Happy Organizing!


0 responses to “Back to School Series: Bedtime Routine

  1. I love your thoughts! It is such a good idea to get kids on a bedtime routine a couple weeks before school starts! :))My normal bedtime routine is:Make sure kitchen is clean, dishes are in dishwasher, turned on. prepare for homeschool the next day, fill workboxesWash face, brush teeth, Read in bed, Sleep by 11pmI want to add to that:make lunches for kids the night beforeSleep by 10pmLay out clothes for next day for kids and myself.

  2. great!!I make sure lunches are made (except sandwiches)clothes are laid outbackpacks by the doorall those things greatly help me!

  3. @mamaof2bugs – I am trying to get to bed earlier, but it isn’t working so far.  I always have one more thing I need to do.  Hopefully once I am back to doing my routines again it will be better.  Our evenings are so short as I don’t get home from work until 6:00 and then I have to make supper.  It is usually a  bit after 7:00 by the time we are done eating.  Last night, was my late night at work.  I was home by 11:00 and went to bed shortly after getting home.  So I didn’t do my routine last night so I hope to get back on track tonight!  We will see!

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