Menu Plan: 8/9 – 8/22

Our Menu for the next two weeks is entirely from the menu service.   It has saved me a ton of time today!

Monday -8/9 – One Dish Nacho Bake/ Tossed Salad (e-mealz -336)

Tuesday – Chicken Salad Sandwiches/Grapes/Chips (e-mealz -337)

Wednesday – Cajun Red Beans & Rice/ Sauteed Squash (e-mealz -337)

Thursday – Summer Spinach Salad (e-mealz -337)

Friday – Mexican Hamburgers/Corn on the Cab/Watermelon (e-mealz -337)

Saturday – Apricot Pork Ribs/Stove Top Baked Beans/Watermelon (e-mealz -337)

Sunday – Honey Nut Chicken/ Glazed Carrots/Fettuccine Alfredo (e-mealz -337)


Monday – Tuna Casserole/Sweet Peas/Pear Slices  (e-mealz -337)

Tuesday – Chicken Tender Salad/Apricot English Muffins  (e-mealz -336)

Wednesday – Italian-Dijon Tilapia/Asparagus/Cantaloupe (e-mealz -336)

Thursday – Ham & Broccoli Pastry/Carrots w/ Ranch/Cottage Cheese & Strawberries (e-mealz -336)

Friday – BLT Sandwiches/Strawberry Parfaits (e-mealz -336)

Saturday – Bayou Stroganoff/Apple Sauce (e-mealz -336)

Sunday – Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs/Corn on the Cob (e-mealz -336)

Happy Eating!!!


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