Grocery Budget: 7/24/10

dbet  Today was grocery shopping day.   I budget $100/ week for groceries to feed my family of 5 or 6 depending on the day.   My key to success is menu planning is to only buying what I will need for the next two weeks.   We had way more food spoil the last two weeks than I would like to see.  ARGH!  The leftovers aren’t always gettin eaten in a timely fashion.  I need to remember to bring my lunch more often to work.  Tommy usually takes leftovers to daycare too!   

Grcoery Shopping for 7/24/10
Sam’s Club –          $36.37 ( TP, Dawn and Bounce) 
Aldi                      $108.72

Total Spent for 14 days – $145.09  = $10.36/Day or 72.54

I still have a couple of things I need to pick-up later in the week.  I am waiting to buy the produce for the second week of my menu, to hopefully decrease the food spoilage. 

2- Gallons Milk
Watermelon – 3.99
Salad Greens
Knorr Pesto Mix
White Chicken Chilli Seasoning


Happy Savings!!


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