Grocery Budget: Update 7/10/10

dbet  Today was grocery shopping day.   I budget $100/ week for groceries to feed my family of 5 or 6 depending on the day.   My key to success is menu planning and only buying what I will need for the next two weeks.   When I was buying food for a month, I was finding I was losing money to food spoilage.  That wasn’t good either.   But the less I go to the store, the less I spend is still very true!  And never shop without a list! 

Grcoery Shopping for 7/10/10
Bread Thrift Store    $2.99
Sam’s Club –          $38.55 ( ranch, potato Salad, plates, yogurt, bananas and green beans.)
Aldi                      $111.14
Cub Foods –         $  41.21

Total Spent for 14 days – $193.89  = $13.85/Day or 96.94/week


Happy Savings!!


0 responses to “Grocery Budget: Update 7/10/10

  1. Woot! Woot! to you, Jen! Good job!

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