Library Loot: June 12, 2010

library loot
June 12, 2010
 Library Loot Event is a weekly event hosted by Eva at A Striped Armchair and Marg at Reading Adventures.  that encourages bloggers to share the books they have checked out from the library. I always find many new books to add to my reserve list!
I have not been making time to blog in the last few months.  I miss blogging so very much.   I thought  I would share my recent Library Loot to get started blogging again.   I started a second book club, Wine, Women and Words, which I have really been enjoying.  Being in two book clubs each month does limit my ability to read what I want.  Our outdoor living room is set up so I spent alot of time outside reading.  It has been raining alot this week so that has been limited. 
I also have been looking at the Kindle, now that it is for sale at Target.  I am thinking about taking the plunge and buying on in the near future.   I have to save up some money first. 


The following book found their way home with me from our local Library:
  I have been a on bit of a kick on reading local authors.  A few of these books were checked out because they either are set in Minnesota or written by Minnesota authors.
Choc Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders – Joanne Fluke (born and raised in a small rural MN town) 
dressed to keel Dressed to Keel – Candy Calvert – A Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery
June bug June Bug – Jess Lourey  – Murder By Month Mystery, No 2.  (book set in Battle Lake, MN – author from Alexandria, MN)
whiskey heart  Whiskey Heart – Rachel L Coyne – (set in Comfort Lake, MN -Author from Lindstrom, MN)
funeral food Funeral Food – Kathleen Taylor – Tory Bauer Mystery – (set in Delphi, South Dakota – author from my hometown, Redfield, SD – went to school with the author’s children)
Happy Reading!!



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