Menu Plan Monday…


MENU FOR MARCH 8th – 14th

Last week is a blur.  I worked many extra hours and didn’t stick strickly to my menu, but that is ok!   New recipes last week include  Peppy Pizza Pasta  and White Castle Sliders which were both a hit.  We ended up ordering pizza on Saturday as I was just too tired!  All other meals were at home.  


This week promises to be busy again so I am very thankful my menu is ready to go!  I already have the roast thawing in the fridge for Tuesday’s French Dip Sandwiches.   Hope you all have a wonderful week!     

8 – Spaghetti and Garlic Bread


9   FRENCH DIP SANDWICHES (Roast)/ Steak Fries


10 – Chicken Burritos


11 – Cheesy Spirals / Salad


12 – French Bread Pizza /


13 – Fried Chicken/ Roasted Potatoes/ Corn


14 – Chili (Slowcooker)


For more Menu Planning inspiration stop by and visit Laura at Organizing Junkie and participate in Menu Plan Monday.  Weekly over 400 bloggers share what they have on their menu. 

Happy Eating!!


0 responses to “Menu Plan Monday…

  1. Have you had the Cheesy Spirals before? I am interested in what you think of them – if you like them I might give them a try. 🙂

  2. We are having french dip sandwiches on Tuesday too!!! :))) LOL

  3. @Sevenofus – CHessy Spirals are a new recipe for us.   I will let you know if the family likes them!!

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