MENU PLAN MONDAY – February/Week #3


It is that time again!!!  Time to make your week go better with a little planning.   Menu planning is a time and money saver.  I am frequently asked how I spend so little on groceries.  I only buy what I know I will be using that month.  And yes, I only get groceries once a month.  This has decreased my spending even more as I am in the store less often to splurge on treats!   And remember, always shop with a list!

Each week I put away $100 of our money to save towards grocery shopping at the end of the month.   It works wonderfully and I usually have money left to spare after buying everything on my list. 

Last week, I made many meals that I have made before.   I had one new thing on the list, but didn’t end up making it!  Favorite meals of the week included, Chicken Risotto, Baked Ravioli and Chilli and chilli Dogs.   I always make chilli and save enough to have chilli dogs later in the week.  YUMMY!!!

We have plenty of leftovers from this week so today I will not be making what in planned and will be have “Old Coyan Buffet” for supper.   This is where we make a buffet with all our leftovers.  For some reason when I call it “old Coyan Buffet”, everyone is excited about it.  

Have a great week!!!!  Remember a little planning will go a long way.




16 –  Easy Beef Enchiladas & Spanish Rice


17 – (3:30 HV) – Pork Chops and Rice  (Didn’t make carry over)


18 – (sorting) – Seafood Alfredo/ Garlic Bread


19 –  French Bread Pizza


20 –(SAT) – Crockpot Angel Chicken over Noodles  – Crock 4-5


21- (SUN) – Pioneer Woman Chicken Strips, Mac N Cheese (box), Fruit



For more Menu Planning inspiration stop by and visit Tina at Mommy’s Kitchen  or Laura at Organizing Junkie.


Happy Eating!!



0 responses to “MENU PLAN MONDAY – February/Week #3

  1. You know, Jen, my family is always excited when it is “leftovers” night!  BTW, yesterday we bought meatballs and cheese raviolli to try your casserole idea!  I’m sure we’ll like it!  Have a great week! – cherylyn

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I am really thinking of shopping twice a month. Your menu looks great!

  3. @jewelofthelord – I started years ago shopping once a week….then went to twice a month and now only shop once each month.   The key for me has always been meal planning.  

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