Luckily for me, a friend notified me that last night someone was on my facebook account.   They had hacked into my account and were chatting with my friends and asking them for money because I was stranded in London and had been mugged.  It makes me so mad to have someone do that to me.   So for now my facebook account is suspended until the security of my site can be restored.  

Thanks for annoying me and ruining my day…..cybercriminal!


0 responses to “TOTALLY ANNOYED….

  1. So not funny and yet a little hilarious that the idiot came up with such a far fetched story! WTH???

  2. Someone tried to pull that same stunt on my friend from her friend’s facebook account. Hope they get the person.

  3. Sorry that happened to you.  The same thing happened to a friend of mine and the hacker started chatting with me on facebook.  The thing is, that friend had recently flown through London, but when I was asked for money I definately knew it was a hoax.

  4. Yep that EXACT thing happened to a friend of mine…same story too, be sure to change all your passwords on everything!!! So sorry, it is totally WRONG! arrrgghhhh

  5. OH MY! I am sorry you have to deal with that kind of crap! Good luck!

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