Planning Weekend….

I am so thankful for a long weekend.  I have a very long list of things I want to get done for the holidays.  With work being so busy I am trying to get as much as possible done this weekend to be prepared for the holidays!  Luckily hubby and Josh are home too so hopefully alot will be accomplished.

Weekend To Do List:

Laundry – never ending
Go to see Movie – Blind Side (today either at 3:55 or 5:20) – DONE
Dentist Appointment (today 2:50) – Rescheduled

Pay Bills – DONE

Complete Christmas Newsletter
Send out Cookie Exchange Invite – DONE
Update Blogs???
Organize Christmas Gift List: what is left to purchase for gifts?? – Started
Update Family Calendar for December – DONE
Menu Planning for December

Bake Cookies (dough made)
Clean My Bedroom
Put Up Christmas Tree/Decorate – DONE
Fill Med Containers – DONE
Clean Furnance Filter

If a majority of this gets done it will be a very productive weekend!!   It will be a great start for December!

Have a great weekend!!


0 responses to “Planning Weekend….

  1. What a list! I hope you’re successful in accomplishing everything!I browsed through your new pictures. Looked like a cozy time!

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