Questions/ Comments – 8/3/09

Hello Everyone – Happy Monday!   I did not work as late as I had planned tonight, since I started feeling ill at work.  The good thing is I can post this and head to bed. 


How do you cook so much from scratch? Do you do OAMC?

I cook a lot from scratch simply because it is cheaper and I love to cook.  I also cook from scratch due to my having IBS.  I frequently get sick when I eat processed food.  I use a few shortcuts in prep to make it a bit easier for me.  On the weekends I will brown any hamburger that I need during the week and freeze it.  I also do this with cooked chicken.  I will boil a 3 pound bag of chicken on the weekends if needed.  It is great to have cooked hamburger and chicken by the pound ready in your freezer.  I also try to have chopped onions and green peppers and flash freeze them to speed up prep. 

During the week I try to make easy things for supper, 30 minutes or less of cooking.  I get home about 5:45 and we will like to eat between 6:30 and 7:00.  I try to do as much prep as I can for supper the night before.  If we are having a casserole I assemble it the night before and call home to have one of my children put it into the oven.  I am also lucky in that my hubby will help with supper prep some nights.  I also use the Crockpot to cook meals while I am at work.  I make more elaborate meals on the weekend.

I have done OAMC off and on.  It is hard for me to take the time to really do that.  My hubby also prefers freshly made food over the OAMC things I have made.  I will make an extra casserole for the freezer here and there when I am able to. 


Big Shop Day 

Michele (MSheriff) – I used to shop weekly for groceries and found that for me I spent more money that way.  The less I am in the store the less I spend.  I actually want to try to grocery shop only once a month instead of twice.  I would buy everything for the month but would need to buy fresh produce once a week.  Right now my kids know that if they drink all the pop or eat the snacks all at once, there will not be more for 2 weeks.   I am able to take all my children if needed to go shopping.  I would rather just go by myself and get it done fast and with less arguing.   This last weekend on our big shop day it was my hubby and our youngest son that went.  My middle stepson was at his mother’s for the weekend.  

Like you, my youngest goes to a school with uniforms.  I only needed to buy pants and shorts this year as the shirts from last year still fit.  My stepson goes to regular school and we usually take him to pick out 4-5 shirts, 1 sweatshirt and 2 pairs of jeans for the year.   I bought him shoes recently so we won’t need to do that for a few months.  I usually buy him 2 pairs of tennis shoes a year. 

Trouble cat – thanks for joining us!!  Check in with us and let us know how you are doing!  Congrats on getting up earlier.  That is a hard one…I am doing a bit better with that as well.  Still more work needed in that area!


Michele (MSheriff) – I love the MIT’s!  It is so interesting to hear someone else mention this concept.  When training new social workers, I always tell them to define success of their day not by getting their “to do list” done, but by getting the top 3 things done.  Each morning when I get to work I make my Top 3 list and don’t go home until I do them! 

Budgeting, that is always a hard one.  I have tried many ways to do this.  I was a single mom of one for a long time and struggled with budgeting.  We have a pretty good system right now that is working for us.  I will share it later in this series.  Maybe parts of it will work for you too! 

I am excited to look at your binder when I get home.  I can’t get into photos from my work computer.  They are blocked.   I just started a new binder idea this year so I am interested in chatting about that with you.  I plan on blogging about my binder and some other things on Wednesday.  And of course I plan on taking pictures of it!!

Cherlyn P – I love the idea of “my Brain Calendar”.  My family always puts important papers and appointments on the keyboard of my laptop.  This doesn’t work well for me as I move the papers to use my computer and misplace them.  I should put a magnet on the fridge for those types of things!  What a great idea.   Thanks!  See, I learn from each of your as much as your learn from me. 


MSheriff – I am totally amazed by your morning routine.  For not being a morning person you sure are able to get up and out the door quick.   I wish I could do that!!  I am so jealous!

“It may be a crazy life. But it is OUR life.” – SO TRUE!!

Patty – Glad you joined us.  I am so sorry about your health troubles.  You and your family will be in my prayers.   How did it go for you this week to follow your old morning routine??  Take it one day at a time and remember it is ok to have an off day….just give it another try the next day and delegate anything you can.  I am trying to delegate this year.  I am not the only one that can put dishes away or do laundry.  I am hoping this trend continues.  I am having my middle son do a small chore each day including his own laundry.  My BIL helps by putting the dishes away each day and clearing the table and rinsing dishes each night.   I have to let go of my perfectionism and just be thankful for the help.  This is a struggle for me.  I am tempted to say, “Never mind, I will just do it” or “could you do it this way?” because I want things done a certain way. 


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  1. Organic, raw and fresh fruits and vegetables are your best diet if you have digestion problems.

  2. I have lots of “Save The Brain” techniques besides just a Brain Calendar!!! With chemo brain on an already deteriorating brain, I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!!!

  3. @cherylyn_p – well don’t keep them all to yourself…please share.  Trust me, there are more of us with deteriorating brain!

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