Grocery Shopping……

Well I didn’t stay within my budget today very well.   Hubby and everyone have been complaining that there is no snack food in the house and I also bought pop.   But since I only buy pop once a month, my next shopping trip should be less.   Taking Tommy shopping with me sure didn’t help out much either. 

Pop, Snack and few groceries at Walmart = 41.82 (scrip cards used)

Aldi – $94.40

Festival – $39.55 (scrip card used)

Total Spent = $175.77 or $87.88 per week for a family of 5

My goal is to stay within $80.00 per week for our grocery.  I genreally budget $100 a week and I use the extra for things I need during the week or if we happen to eat out once.  

We will be moving to a family of 6 full time starting in August.  I hope to keep the budget the same.  We will see how that goes.   Right now I am buying stuff for my BIL to make lunches to take to work. These are convenience foods I would not normally buy so that has increased our food expenditures. 


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  1. Despite the fact you didn’t stay within your budget, you are still more than HALF BELOW my grocery bill for ONE A WEEK. You are doing better than our family with your budgeting!

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