Review: The Girl She Used to Be…

Title: The Girl She Used To Be
Author: David Cristofano
Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (March 19, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0446582220

When Melody Grace McCartney was 6 years old she and her parents accidently witness a horribly brutal act of violence committed by an influential mafia figure, Tony Bovaro. Melody and her family go into the Federal Witness Protection Program. They are frequently relocated and eventually the parents are killed by the Bovaro family, but Melody survives.

Melody continues to be in the Federal Witness Protection Program and goes through 8 aliases and/or lives. She frequently gets bored and get relocated. She is eventually located by Jonathon, the son of Tony Bovaro. He offers her a strange alternative, the protection from his family and a life she has never known.

My Review: My initial thoughts when starting this book was of nonbelief. I initially did a lot of “Yeah Right”. But this very talented author developed the characters so well that I began to believe and became fascinated with Melody’s behavior. Certainly not choices I would make, but I could understand Melody’s reasons. Melody is an adult woman, but she isn’t emotionally mature or rooted emotionally in her life and is drifting through life without a connection to other people. She desires that connection with others, a real family. This book is vey engaging and you are compelled to continue to read. The plot keeps you hooked with twists, turns and bittersweet moments.

4/5 – Recommended/ A Good Read – This book had me leaving my desk to actually take a lunch break to read!

Happy Reading!

Jen C


0 responses to “Review: The Girl She Used to Be…

  1. Look at that proud mom with her BIG boy (your profile pic )!!  Thought I’d ask if you’ve read “The Girls” about the conjoined twins. My sister says it is great and I’m just about to start it. 
    Have a blessed Mother’s Day!

  2. @happylittle – No I haven’t read “the Girls”, but will add it to my TBR list!    So how have you been???? 

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