Update and Testing Email Posting…..

Hello everyone – sorry to be gone so much.   Finally, I am finishing up my budgets at work, but of course now I am getting sick.   Hopefully life will be getting back to normal for a while.   We have alot of things coming up that I need to be planning for.  But right now I just need to relax a bit, take a breath and get my home routine back on schedule.

Since we have the DVR, I have to admit I have started to watch TV.   I love American Idol.  I was really impressed with Adam Lambert last night.  He definitely is my pic to win!   I have been able to keep up with Brothers and Sisters and The Secret Life of an American Teenager.   Tonight there is a new show I want to check out, In the Motherhood.   It looked funny.   I have book group tonight so I won’t be able to watch it until later. 

 I of course have much more to say, but want to see how this posts via email so I hopefully will post more often.  They block access to xanga at my work.   Which is why I post less, I used to post while having my lunch at my desk.   Oh Well…….

Some things I want to post about:  (note to self)
    Budget for the year… * Calendar organization * notebook idea!!! * Need to categorize my site * Website – need to revamp recipes * Book Group  – update schedule and add ratings * cell phones and kids * money skills – job skills  


0 responses to “Update and Testing Email Posting…..

  1. That’s why I’m glad I have facebook too!  Less upkeep 🙂  How do you do the email posting???  That would be great!

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