Menu Plan Monday…


Our Menu
3/1 – 3/14/09


Sun – 3/1 – Biscuit gravy and scramble eggs

Mon – Ravioli / Garlic Bread

Tues – Pancakes/ Eggs/ Sausage

Wed – Noodle Soup/ Grilled Cheese Sand

Thurs – Teriyaki Chicken Breast/ Rice/ Veggie

Fri – French Dip Sandwiches

Sat – Meatloaf/Mashed Pots/ Veggie

Sun – Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Mon – Spaghetti/ Garlic Bread

Tues – French Toast/ Eggs/ Bacon

Wed – General Tso/ Egg Rolls

Thurs – Monterrey Chicken / Green Bean and Salad

Fri – Chicken Burritos/ Chip and Cheese Dip

Sat – Steak/Baked Pots/ Veggie

As always, thank you to Laura for hosting Menu Plan Monday.  Head over to her site, I’m an Organizing Junkie to view the menus of the other particpants.  It is great way to get ideas for you menu!!! 

Have a great week!!!

Jen C


0 responses to “Menu Plan Monday…

  1. Your “breakfast food” dinners sound so appealing. I wish my husband like breakfast for dinner better than he does. I’d definitely do it more often than once in a blue moon!

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