Life Happens…..

I know I haven’t been very good about posting.  It seems once I find time to post to the blog, something new has happened and it is all old news.   So today, I am home to stay with Erik. 

Josh, is doing well.   He continues to struggle with the reality of living in a townhome with roommates.  He is dating Amy again so we rarely see him.  Of course I struggle with that, but I seem to be getting better with it all.  He did his his taxes and was pretty upset that he owed money because I claimed him on my taxes.  I think he will handle it all, but life happens…….Josh and Amy did spend Valentine’s Day with us as my parents and my aunt/uncle were here to visit.

Erik was having a pretty good time at home and school.  He had been making pretty good progress and earning more privileges from us.  But, his impulsivity and way of thinking related to his being on the autism spectrum got the best of him and he is suspended from school for three days.   My hubby stayed home with him yesterday and I am home with him today.   We were really struggling to figure out what to do on Wednesday as we both had things we couldn’t get out of at work.   Erik’s bio mom and stepdad didn’t seem to be able to help out either, so my wonderful BIL, Steve took the day off of work to stay home with Erik.   It really has been a win-win situation having my hubby’s brother living with us.   It is good for all of us financially and just with assistance with the kids, etc.   I always get so scared when it is shown again that Erik isn’t always able to problem solve appropriately.   I wish for him to have more independence, but I want to keep him safe.  Unfortunately, frequently I am only trying to protect him for himself as well as others that try to take advantage of him.   

We were very sad to say good-bye to Erik’s PCA.   She took a full time job elsewhere since she is expecting a baby in July.   We are without staff at this time.  We had two people we were planning on hiring, but one we decided against hiring and the other we are waiting to be cleared to worked in our home.    

But life happens……..  God brought Erik into my life for a reason, so we continue to work on making progress. 

Tommy has had a bit of an attitude lately.   He has been pushing his independence and not wanting to listen, even with me.   He continues to take piano lessons and is attending Mad Science classes after school weekly.  This Sunday was Magnuson Sunday at our church.  The children of the school sang at each service and the older children did the scripture readings. 

Hubby is good and has been wonderful about helping with things around the house.  He seems to be under alot of stress due to work.   We haven’t been able to go out or spend anytime alone, but we always have wonderful family time. 

Jen C, well I am really good.  I am blessed to have a job I love, a family to care for and a hubby who I love very much.   As always I have am very busy and overbooked.  I always vow not to do that, but life happens……

February is a very busy month at work for me.  It is actually very crazy!!  I am working about 45 – 50 hours a week.   I have been going in on the weekends for the last two anyways.  I am sure I will again this weekend as well.   It is budget season and we are getting close to our deadline and I have alot to do yet!!     I was sick the weekend of Feb 6th.  I actually started getting sick on my way home from Rochester for work.    So that weekend was a bust.  I had to call in to say I wouldn’t be able to volunteer at Tommy’s school on Friday, but I did manage to interview possible staff for Erik even though I was sick.  

The next weekend my parents and godparents came for the weekend.  It was a very nice visit.   We had a holiday the following Monday, but I went into work anyways.   This last weekend was Magnuson Sunday so I helped with the kids from 8:30 until about 10:00 and then worked the scrip table until 11:30.   After that I stopped at home and headed to the office to make up time so I could be home today with Erik.  

Last night I stopped in at book club at church.  They were going to be discussing Three Cups of Tea.  I am currently reading the book so I thought it might be interesting.  The club only had 3 other members there.  The author’s mother will be coming to talk to a group of women at church in April so I will try and go to that, but I don’t think this book club is for me. 

Today – I am home and I hope to work on the computer most of the day.  I am lucky in that I can work from home.  I plan on writing a few budgets to be turned in tomorrow and hopefully do some laundry, though secretly all I want to do it curl up in bed and read!!   We dropped my van off to be services this morning.   I am having all the belt changed including the timing belt so it will be very expensive.  Later this afternoon we have Tommy’s school conference as well.   

Well that is how life has been happening around our house……

Hope all is well with you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jen C


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  1. Jen your life makes my head spin!  I don’t know how you balance it all! 

  2. You know Jen, this is exactly the same thing that is happening to me. I go months with nothing exciting and nothing that life requires of me . . . and then, out of no where, everyone and everything demands my time and focus. I think I’m booked into March with “things” !!!!

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