The Last Of Our Holiday Photos…….

 Random Holiday photos to share.   It am always amazed what I find on my camera. 


Hmmmmm….looks like one of my children took a picture of them being naughty.  Hmm…Josh or Tommy???


My brother, Monte joined us for Thanksgiving!! 


As always the day after Thanksgiving we all put the Christmas tree up!   Josh came over for the day to put up the tree as well.  That really made me happy since it is hard for me to do our holiday things without him!


All done……


This is Tommy and his friend before their Christmas Program at school. 


This is the blanket I made for Tommy for Christmas.  I made it while I was in Duluth for the evening for work.  Gotta love those evenings away once a month.  I am always able to accomplish something I have been meaning to do.


Random photos from Christmas and Christmas Eve at our home.   Only two of our sons were with us as Erik spent Christmas this year at his moms.   Josh did come over and spend both days with us.   Christmas Eve, we opened our gifts from each other, enjoyed a big meal of appetizers and then went to the Candle Light Services at church. 



Really, Tommy was excited about Christmas, but maybe not the outfit his mommy put him in!!



Two of my boys on Christmas Eve…


Josh, being Josh…..enough said!


Even the two of us could not get the santa hat on Baby that Tommy bought for her.



Santa Josh…..came over Christmas morn in his pjs.


Daddy and uncle Steve untwisting the toys from the packaging!! 



Tommy was so very excited about the gun.  Santa, What have you done???   Finally, after two years of asking, Santa finally gave in and brought the nerf gun.  This renewed Tommy’s belief in Santa.  Of course he is real….my mommy would never let me have a gun!


Baby can’t believe all these presents and paper to play in!


Robbie has gone to sleep under the tree….too much excitement for him.


Tommy snuggling with the blanket mommy made for him. 


The boy and his dog!  


Mommy and her baby puppy!


All our pets were caught taking a snooze together. 


Josh……don’t ask me!!  He is goofy sometimes!


Yes, he really is my son…..don’t ask me to explain him!!



Erik and Tommy making Cookies with Mom. 


Tommy a bit surprised by the mixer.


0 responses to “The Last Of Our Holiday Photos…….

  1. Love the pics!  Now I want pie! lol.  The one of Tommy and the mixer is PRICELESS!

  2. It’s always good to see people’s family in pictures. I’m glad you took the time to post yours!

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  4. Looks like fun times at your house! Happy new year, Jen!

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