The Saturday before Christmas we host OUR BIG FAMILY CHRISTMAS at our home.  It is a great time for everyone.  Here are a few photos from the party.  I didn’t take many photos this year during the holidays.  I don’t have a single picture from my cookie exchange party


Joshua, my hairy man child.  What is up with the facial hair!! 


My Nephew, Nic.  He has a great smile!


On the couch we have Dan (BIL), Dale (BIL) Chel (niece), Steve (BIL-lives with us) 


Steve and his son, Kaleb


Lisa (niece) with Erik


Erik, Josh and Joe (Nephew). Argh they both have facial hair! I am getting old!


My MIL and FIL, (Dick and Jane)


Dick (FIL), Bonnie (SIL) and Nick


Tommy, Kristen (niece) and Me in Tommy’s room.  See how undone the second mural is…..bad mommy!


Tommy and Kristen playing Tommy’s favorite gift!! Connect Four!!!


There was some massive amounts of connect four going on all night.  

It was a long, loud and fun night!!!  I had to get up the next morning and be at church by 7:00am to sell cookies.  Needless to say I was late!  Argh…only by 15 minutes though.   I finally crawled into bed around midnight and the party was still going strong at our house without me.   I put my ear plugs in and went to sleep.  I woke to a noise at 2:00am and found Erik doing something in his room.  Not sure what.  I told him to go to bed and the house was finally quiet!!

It was a wonderful time with family.  I am so truly blessed………………

Jen C


0 responses to “OUR BIG FAMILY CHRISTMAS……

  1. Dick and Jane? I love it!! That is so sweet!!
    There are a lot of men in your family.
    Thanks for posting pics!

  2. I liked the Dick & Jane names, too!!!So what about the incomplete mural. It’s a work in progress!It was good to see you with your family. BTW: dh has a full beard – so sorry!!! LOL

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