Home Remodeling…..

Hello Everyone –

Sorry I have been missing in action.   I haven’t felt like blogging.  I have been hanging out a bit on facebook, etc.   I do have many pictures from the holidays to share later!!!  But for now…..look at the changes in our house from when I went to work, until I came home.

Back Door – Before Work……


After Work…….


The Entryway before work……….


The Entryway after work……. 


New Picture Window….I forgot to take a before pic.  Sorry!!!  


The crew is not done, but they have all the windows and doors installed.  Tomorrow they will return and finish wrapping the outside of the windows and finish the trim in the house.  They will also be putting the glass block windows in the basement.   They should be all done tomorrow. 

So we are almost done with all the remodeling we will be doing.  The only thing left is for the electrician to finish up their work.  I called them this morning and added one more job.  We decided to get recessed lighting put in the living room so we will also have overhead lights in the living room.   They still have work to finish in the garage and some things I want changed in the basement.  The windows and driveway installers were very professional and easy to work with, these electricians are driving me nuts!  

I am trying to be patient as I know in the end it will be very nice.   With everything getting upgraded and looking so nice, now I want to repaint the living room, kitchen and our bedroom.  ARGH!!!  It will never end!  I still am not done with Tommy’s murals either.   I need to get painting, maybe this weekend. 

I hope all is well with you and I will catch up with everyone soon.

Jen C


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  1. “With everything getting upgraded and looking so nice, now I want to repaint the living room, kitchen and our bedroom. ARGH!!! It will never end!” . . . You *do* know you’ve been hit by the “redecorating curse” don’t you?!!! LOLIt all starts with some kitchen curtains, which makes the need for new towels and potholders, which creates a need for new wall paint or wallpaper (or BOTH!), a new color of cabinet stain (or at least new hardware for the doors!), then there’s the dated flooring . . . .I know, cuz I’ve been there!It all looks so nice and you’ll LOVE those overhead lights in your ceiling!Congrats on the new look!

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