Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!   I hope everyone has plans for a wonderful time of food, family and friends this Thanksgiving.   We thought we were having a quiet Thanksgiving at home, but have been blessed with my brother joining us as well.   My brother will be coming from Rapid City, SD to spend the holiday with us.  He will be here on Thanksgivng afternoon.   He also works in the IT field and has a server he is bringing for Joshua.  

Life is busy as always at our house.  Last week, Thursday morning we received a call from our neighbor that her hubby need to go to the hospital.  My hubby went over there and took them to the hospital.  Her hubby had a heart ache and was still having pain as hubby drove him to the hospital.   His wife does not drive and we try to help them out as much as possible.   I went over to see them last night. Her hubby had open heart surgery yesterday morning and seems to be doing well.   He should be home from the hospital in a week. 

Thursday evening I had book group.  Sometimes I think I am too sensitive.  A member made a comment to me and I was uncomfortable the rest of the night.  I do enjoy the group but we have a number of new memebers so it is different getting comfortable around everyone.   That is something that is just hard for me.  I know it is my own insecurities, but I still struggle with it.   

Friday I went to Tommy’s school and sorted scripts and then he had his Thanksgiving Feast at school.  I joined him for the Feast and came back to pick him up to go to the Dentist later that afernoon.  

Saturday morning we were up early and headed to the Asian Market in St Paul.   I had promised hubby and Josh that I would make my egg rolls for them.   Josh and his friend, Amy came over to roll eggrolls.   It was great having many hands to get the rolling done.  We made about 150 egg rolls.   It is a favorite treat in our home.   I usually make them once or twice  year.  My BIL also helped roll.   He also bought us a huge deep fat fryer from his work.  It sure make the eggrolls come out so much better this time!

Sunday was grocery day and swimming lessons.  This week is a short week at work and that is good and bad.  Good in that I rather be at home than at work and bad in that I have so much to do at work.  Friday the electricians finally came to start the work on our house.  They put in the outlet for my new cooktop and started on the garage a bit on Friday.   On Monday they were here all day working.  They put in overhead light fixtures in all the bedrooms.  Our house was built in a time when the style was to not have over head lights at all.   We still do not have overhead lights in the living room.  If I can afford that at a later time I think we will have those put in.   Our bedroms are so nice with the overhead lights.  It is really nice in Tommy’s room as I will be able to see to paint his mural so much better.   They also put a overhead light and fan in our bathroom.  

Tuesday we had Tommy’s conferences at school.  He is doing well at school academically.  The teacher did say that he does get too excited and silly at times.   He is a very high energy little boy at times.   Last night  we really did nothing!  We went to bed early and watched tv and relaxed.  

Today….I had planned and hoped to sleep in.  Hubby’s alarm went off for him to go to work.  I got up and took my dogs out and then I crawled back into bed.  Then the electrician came to work.  They had told us they would not be returning until next week Monday.  He said he thought the scheduler had called, but they had not.  So I quickly showered and dressed and the electrician is at work again today.  He wants to finish the upstairs bathroom and put in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in.  

Erik is still sleeping, which is good I guess.  I am home today as Erik has no school and he has an appointment at the counseling center to have psychological testing completed.  His disablity certification is up for renewal so I need to be able to give updated info to the state review board to see if he continues to qualify for services.   I had thought that everyone was going with for the appointment , but it seems to only be me taking Erik now.   So that will be most of my day as they need to complete IQ testing and adaptive functioning testing. 

Well that is what has been going on in our little lives!!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jen C


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  1. Just curious, does Erik’s scoring ever change? I have Annamarie monitored by testing once a year and even twice a year two years ago.I’m so excited for you and all the work you are having done. I know it’s an upheaval, especially when people show up unannounced! You will be SO HAPPY when everything is completed!

  2. Sounds like the house is really coming together!  I hope you and your fam have a GREAT Thanksgiving together!!!

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