We are almost done with our Christmas Shopping.  We finished up everything but one joint gift to get for Tommy and Erik.   We were also about 100 dollars under budget so we went out for a very nice lunch!   It was a very nice day out together.      We even added a couple of additional people to buy gifts for.   Since my BIL is lving with us, we bought him and his son a few things since they will probably be celebrating the holidays with us. 

Our driveway is all done!   It looks great, we are very happy with it.   As I predicted the electrician did not show up.  I am losing my patience with him. 

Jen C


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  1. When renovating, nothing ever seems to go as planned!I’m glad you enjoyed lunch out. We’ve all but stopped going out to eat, so when it happens . . . it’s a real treat!

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