Tuesday is a government holiday…..sooooo ….no work for me!!  Yeah!   I have gotten alot done tonight so I don’t think I will be working that late.   Tomorrow the asphalt company is coming to do our driveway.  The electrician is also suppose to come to begin work.  I won’t hold my breathe on that one since he has not showed up a number of times already!!!   

Hubby and I both have the day off tomorrow so we are going to finish our Christmas shopping and have a lunch date.  I am going to Duluth on Friday and will finish my Christmas shopping up there as I will need to get something for hubby.  I have no idea what yet…hmmmmm.     So hopefully by this weekend I will have our christmas Shopping done!  

Have a great night!!

Jen C


0 responses to “Tomorrow….

  1. holy cow your crazy with the christmas shopping! i commend you lol… im terrible. i get started on black friday lol

  2. Finish your Christmas shopping? I want to be like you!!

  3. We make a bigger deal out of birthdays (cause they’re more personal) and less to do about Christmas. I’m just about done, too!

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