Weekend Update….

Weekend Update….

Morning Everyone….Fall has definitely arrived in MN.   There is a good coat of frost on the cars and grass this morning.   I was up early and cleaned a bit.   We thought that the workers for the demo of the driveway might show up today, but no such luck.   They called yesterday and said they would be here at 7:00am to start the demo.  Later in the day I received a call that the city had not issued the permit for the work yet.   The city was saying the driveway was too big for our lot.  This is very strange to me since we are only replacing the one that is already there.   If that one was allowed to be installed, why would a replacement be too large??   They said too much square footage for our lot.   They are working on getting that straightened out. 



I went into work later in the day as Erik was still off of school.   I had a late meeting in Lakeville.  I picked up Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home that my hubby had ordered for supper.   After eating, hubby, BIL, Tommy, Noah and I went to the movie.  I still had some free passes so we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  Some funny bits, but overall not the best of movie. 



We were up early for a Saturday and went to look at the windows and door showroom for Biessel Windows.   We made a couple of changes to the windows we were ordering and gave them a deposit so they would order our windows.  The owner of the company will be coming out to re-measure our windows prior to the order being submitted.   We are pretty happy with our choices.  


Then we stopped at home and picked up my BIL and headed to Tommy’s soccer game.  Since I hadn’t slept I took a nap after the game.   That evening we went to Josh’s for his house warming party.   It was great to get together with family and hang out with Josh and Charlie. 



We went to church.  The service was a little different it was an entire service of prayer.   There was no actual sermon.   After church we headed home and cleaned out the fridge of leftovers for lunch.  


I then went into work for a while.  I worked from about 1 until about 5:30.  When I got home I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hubby had done about 5 loads of laundry for me.  He had it all folded and waiting for me to put away.  So I spent my evening putting away laundry and going through the last of my clothes.  It is hard to believe, but I actually have all our winter clothes out and summer things packed away.   I still need to make sure that Tommy’s snowpants fit.  I have one garbage bag of clothes to take to Goodwill.   I also have a big bag of clothes to go to my niece for her boys. 



Monday is my longer day at work.  I worked about 12 hours.  I had meetings most of the day, but was able to work on some time entry in the evening.   I did make it home by 9:30, which is early for me!  



Today was pretty productive for me.  I was up and showered by 6:30.  That really worked well and I am going to try and continue that habit.  I am NOT a morning person.   But this morning, after I took the dogs out, I simply didn’t allow myself to go back to bed. 


I was on the computer for only a bit and then I cleaned the living room.   I picked up stuff, dusted and vacuumed.   I then worked on waking up Tommy.  Once he was up, dressed and had eaten, I had him practice his piano lesson.   He was suppose to practice last night, but he had told Daddy he didn’t know the handset to play the two new songs.   Hmmm….thumbs always on middle C is how I teach him.   Last night for Daddy, Tommy just played things he liked, Chopsticks, Mark Had Little Lamb., etc…   All the songs he has memorized.  


This morning he played both pieces for his lesson.  Luckily for me he is very quick to learn new songs.  He was able to play both songs within 15 minutes and then we were off to school.  I dropped him off at school and headed to work. 


I had my flu shot this morning and my arm hurts!   I think we have decided on the doors for our house.  I changed my mind and am getting half doorlights and sidelights on the front of the house.  We had thought about ¾ but the dogs I think would mess up the glass.   The front will have decorative glass in the door and sidelights.  We are having a ½ door on the back as well with grids.   I called the window company as they were suppose to be out last night to re measure and didn’t call to schedule.  They said the owner, Josh will call me today.  We will see.


I also followed up with the asphalt company to see if the permit issue with the city has been resolved.   They still have not heard back from the city, but will call them again after lunch.   I decided I will continue to follow up with everyone each day to make sure we are moving forward.  The window company in particular seems to need constant reminders from me or they forget about our project.   It is a big project too….we are changing every door and window in our home!  


Tonight, I will be home to make supper.  I am going to make Quiche, Bacon, and Potato Patties.  My hubby really likes to have breakfast for supper, so I have been making that once a week for him. 


The rest of the evening I need to wash some whites and clean up the kitchen a bit.   I need to straighten my cupboards a bit as well.   I like them pretty orderly and having others putting away my dishes is making them a bit messy, which is driving me nuts.


YEAH!!  The owner of the windows company just called and will be out tonight to re-measure our windows so he can place the order! I will need to really hurry home after my last appointment to make it home in time.  


Well lunch break is over, time to get back to work. 


Jen C


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  1. RYC: I love Duluth. I really wish we lived closer; I would head up there in a heartbeat but we’re about 6 hours away.I should be able to go down there maybe even next weekend. Donny said he’d like to come too but no, I want to be alone! I told him I really need a night in a hotel completely by myself before this baby is born. Hopefully I’ll get it!

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