Volunteering at School….

I had fun at Tommy’s school this morning.   I sorted gift card orders.  This is a school fundraiser.  It is a great fundraiser.  I buy nearly everything with gift cards now, gas, groceries, walmart, CVS, Sam’s.    We get a small amount of the money we spend back and it goes toward’s Tommy’s school tuition.  

After sorting, I helped in Tommy’s classroom.   I volunteered to help the teacher with projects, etc.   I counted the chapel money, hung art projects on the wall and stamped new textbooks with the name of the school.   I plan on volunteering each Friday for an hour or so.   It was so fun to just hear the teachers teaching.  I was outside the 1st grade and Kindergarten room hanging up art projects.   It was so sweet to hear those little voice praying this morning.   I love my son’s school.  We are very lucky to be able to send him.

Now I am home and have plenty to do.  I need to pay bills, make birthday invites and plan Tommy’s party.  Also do some laundry and run errands.   It is my weekend to buy groceries as well so I need to make my menu and shopping list.  We are meeting at the credit union to do paperwork at 3:00 and need to be home by 5:00 for the driveway estimate.   Busy Day!!!

Jen C


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  1. Grocery shopping . . . GAG! Just got back from Wal-Mart and another $200 bill. This time, unfortunately, I had to buy some homeschool supplies. The 3 whole punch was $15, as were a long sleeved shirt I bought each of my three girls. $15 x 4 = BIG BITE out of the budget! I stuck to my list except for a few things: a can of peanuts (for snacks) and a couple boxes of Little Debbie’s WHICH ARE NO LONER 88 cents a box!!!!! Then I bought some lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches that wasn’t on my list . . . but still . . . $200.00????

  2. I’m jealous of your school volunteering!  This is the first time I’ve been a SAHM in 7 years and I keep trying to get involved in J’s classroom in some way and the teacher just never gets a hold of me!

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