Declutter Challenge – Day 2 – Microwave

 Really I am not kidding you when I say, if there is a flat surface, in our house it will have a pile on it.  ARGH!!!  I only had a moment to declutter last night so it was something little.  The top of our microwave.







#1 – piece of garbage – yep, we are too lazy busy in our house to throw the garbage in the can right next to the microwave!!! 

#2 – coupon – why you ask is a coupon embarrassing…..well… expired in 2006.  So how long do *you think it has been on top of the microwave. 

This took me about 15 minutes including the quick little post.   I will have to do another challenge tonight!!   Later off to wash dishes and go to work!

Jen C


0 responses to “Declutter Challenge – Day 2 – Microwave

  1. LOL.  Mine too!!!  Part of it comes from just not having enough space but I know that if I organized things better I’d have at least a little more space!  I am crazy busy right now but I am really looking forward to doing a challenge soon too!  Thanks for lighting the fire under my butt!

  2. I love pictures of decluttering…but the addition of weirdest thing found is hilarious!!

  3. A decluttering challenge is a great idea, especially the weirdest thing found bit.

  4. How do these things pile up? I love decluttering but it never stops showing up. It does look very nice. Now I should go start on the basement…

  5. @tea_lady – Argh..don’t mention the basement!!!   I can’t even bring myself to share a pitcure of that!!   It needs to be taken care of but it such an overwhelming project.  I agree as soon as i think I am done decluttering, I simply need to start back over at the beginning….

  6. After buying my 2nd and then this 3rd house, I finally found a solution to clutter on top of the microwave . . . have a built-in microwave that’s part of your vent-a-hood over the stove!!!! LOLNow, let’s not talk about the top of my refrigerator . . . okay, let’s don’t!

  7. @cherylyn_p – well the top of the fridge is sure on my list……..but then isn’t it always.  

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