Declutter Challenge # 3 – Linen Closet

I decided that it would be better for me to simply do 30 decluttering projects than to try to do one each day.   Some days I am just too busy and will not be able to do a project…even a small one.  And some days like on the weekends, I can do more than one project!!!   Either way if I stay at it and do 30 projects it will make a difference in our home!!

Tonight I decided to straighten out our linen closet.   Mainly the bottom two shelves.   I wanted to stock up on some winter things like cough medicine, but didn’t know how much I had.   I thought I had alot of bandaides, but it seems I have 4 empty boxes in there.   I really wish my children would throw away a box when the take the last item.  It makes me think I have alot of something and find out all the boxes are empty!!!!!! 

BEFORE:  This is called strategic stuffing.   Just shove things where ever they might fit.  


AFTER:   Like items are once again together.  First Aid container has all the bandaides and ouchie supplies, cold medicines all together, etc. 




1.  Four tubes of cortisone cream all opened.   I usually keep my extra supplies that I buy on sale or what have you in the linen closet.  Frequently people in our house just grab whatever and never looks if there is one open already.  Drives me nuts!  So annoying…… 

2.  White Curling Ribbon – I have no idea why or how this got in the linen closet.  Someone must have been too LAZY BUSY and didn’t put it where it belonged!! Probably ME!!

3.  Red Heart Tag – Rabies tag for one of our four pets.  I have no idea which one.  If they bite someone we can call our lovely vets at banfield!  They keep track of those type of things.

4.  White Little Round things –  I have no idea what these are!!!   They look like mouth fresheners but I am not sure if they are for humans or pets.  I was tempted to try them…..but I don’t need fresh breath that badly!!


0 responses to “Declutter Challenge # 3 – Linen Closet

  1. I did one one of our cupboards tonight!  I’ll have to post pics tomorrow!!!

  2. PS. LMAO at the not needing fresh breath that badly comment! That is too funny!  I definitely found stuff like that when we moved, things you find and go…what the heck!?

  3. LOL @ #4 and your comments about it.

  4. Thanks for the motivation to do some decluttering around here.  A little project here and there makes it much less intimidating.  First on my list when I’m done typing here is the coffee table.  Off to find the camera!

  5. Jen!  I just posted my before and after pics of our previously deadly snack cupboard!  It needed a sign that said WATCH FOR FALLING ITEMS!

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