Little Man’s Room Clean and Organized….

I always feel the need to deep clean and reorganize my children’s rooms before school starts.  I just finished cleaning Tommy’s room today.   Now he is organized and ready for the start of the school year!!  

Yes, of course I have pictures!!


Ok…I forgot to take before pictures.  Imagine this closet piled with toys, clothes and junk up to the bottom of the hanging clothes.  It was so bad!!!  Tommy had been cleaning his room by throwing everything in to the closet.  So I emptied it all out!



I left one laundry basket in the closet to throw big toys into.  I figured that if all he had to do was put it in the basket the odds were better that it might happen.  

I bought a over the door shoe organizer to store all his shoes.  I think some are too small.  I still need to get him to go through those with me.  

I have two smaller bins on the shelf.  One has winter hats and gloves and the other has two extra sets of sheets.   I bought the canvas bins for 2/9.92.   Love Walmart!!!

I also bought the little two shelf closet organizer.  Those also are toy storage.   




 Next we got rid of all other toys boxes/ shelves.  

We bought this shelf system at IKEA and all books and toys had to fit onto them.  If they didn’t fit, they we decided Tommy had too many toys!   

Tommy’s piano is on a stand in front of the shelf.  He will be starting piano lessons back up now that school has started.  

I have colored bins labels for toys on the shelf.   Tommy isn’t very good about putting stuff back where it goes.  I don’t care as long it is off the floor. 






Tommy’s desk and bulletin board is right next to the closet.  The bulletin board turned out really cute.  

We have a problem with stacking things on his desk, then he can’t open it and get anything out of it.   I hope to work hard on not doing that!    Seems in our house that any flat surface means…..pile here!!






Tommy’s bed is a captain bed so I have his school uniforms in two of the drawers under the bed.  That way he always finds his school clothes. 

One compartment has all his soccer things, cleats, shin guards and soccer socks.  

Lastly, I store his out of season Pj’s in the last unused drawer.  



100_1818 This is the shelf above his dresser.  Hubby found a  great pirate ship and treasure chest when we were in Duluth.  

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Tommy’s room.  Trust me you will not see it this clean again.   

Have a Great Day!!!

Jen C


0 responses to “Little Man’s Room Clean and Organized….

  1. “I always feel the need to deep clean and reorganize my children’s rooms before school starts.”I always feel the need – period! My reorganizing is ongoing!!!I think his room turned out cute. I suppose your aren’t supposed to use words like “cute” when referring to boy stuff. Okay, it turned out “waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool” – how’s that?

  2. Good golly I am always doing laundry and defunking smelly socks!  Cute web sites!

  3. I love the Purates!

  4. You did such a great job decorating his room, it turned out so cute!  đŸ™‚  I love the organizing stuff too.

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