The 1st Mural Has Started….

I got up early to paint for a few hours.  I have to do laundry and clean the rest of the day.   Hopefully I can paint for an hour or so this evening.  We will see.   I started the 1st Mural this morning….I am not even 1/2 done, but it feels good to have started!


This is right above Tommy’s bed.  This is the wall adjacent to the wall which will have the treasure map on it.


Erik’s shopping day went very well.  First we went to Donald’s in downtown St Paul to order Tommy’s uniforms.   They measured him for pants and found a husky pair that fits him great.  We bought two of those as well as 5 long sleeve shirts.  Our second stop was at Kohl’s.  We found a pair of shoes, pair of jeans and 3 t shitrs for Erik.  He picked out all his own clothes.  Then we went to have lunch at Erik’s choice of Kentucky Fried Chicken.     I think hubby was hoping Erik would have picked Red Lobster. 

Next stop was Joanne’s Fabrics.  We bought some cheese clothe to cover our sunflowers so the birds don’t take our seeds.  We also had Tommy pick out some fabric for his curtains in his VERY pirate room.  Erik found some fabric he liked as well and wants me to make him new curtains too.   After I am done with Tommy’s room, I will do a few things for Erik. 

Lastly we went to Walmart.   We bought under clothes and school supplies along with a few household things.  We shopped very economically so once we got home, I asked if anyone wants to go bowling??   We all went bowling and also had two neighbor boys join us.  We bowled two games, but should of stopped at one!!  

Then we came home and the kids when to play before supper and I painted for a bit.  

Today, I really have to focus on working on cleaning the house and doing laundry.   Josh wants to me to go to Ikea to buy a new bed for him to take when he moves to his new place on Friday.   I am glad we will be out of town when Josh moves out as I don’t think I could watch it.  I try not to think about it and I cry at the thought of him not being with us everyday.    It is very hard on me to have him moving out.   I will miss him so much.   But he is 20 years old and such a good kid. 

Well I better I get going here and clean up the house before hubby get s home.  He had to present at an IT conference this morning.  

Have a wonderful day!!!

Jen C


0 responses to “The 1st Mural Has Started….

  1. Very nice, you are so talented. What a great room for your son. Have a nice afternoon.

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