We went to IKEA this afternoon and bought a ton of stuff.  YIKES!!!   We took the extra Billy shelf we had and put it into Erik’s room.  He really needed some storage.   He did pretty good about going through things and throwing stuff out.   He went through his clothes and we took a garbage bag full out.   I will take it to the group home for the boys there.   We bought Erik a night stand, a lamp and boxes for on his shelves as well.   His room is pretty organized and ready for school to start.  I do want to buy him a bulletin board for above his desk yet.   

We put the extensions to Tommy’s Billy shelves on as well as his new blinds.   I worked on putting a few more things away in his room.   I still have a pile to go through in front of the closet and the entire closet.  I am afraid to even open the closet!!  

While at IKEA we bought a new bed for Josh to take with him to his new place.  We also bought a desk and cabinet for hubby that will go in the new office he will have in Josh’s old room.  Josh and I snuck to a store  get hubby another surprise.  (can’t elaborate as he might read this!!)     He gave up his office so we could have a bedroom for Erik.  He wasn’t too happy about that, but it really needed to be done.  So I am happy to be able to give hubby back his office.   I think he will be very happy. 


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  1. I love the Billy shelves!  I’ve got four in my basement, holding my complete library.

  2. Sounds like a busy time at your house in preparation for school. I like the new look for Tommys name. It really stands out. Have a great day!

  3. Jen! What you are doing in that room is so awesome! It looks great! I always have the vision but not the artistic ability to make it happen!

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