Just My Luck…….

I am really tired and just wanted to clean up the kitchen and go to bed.  I had a ton of dishes to do so I begin geting ready to begin washing dishes.  I notice the rug in front of the sink is wet.  I think “Man, I sure do get water all over when I am doing a massive wash, blanch, freeze assembly line for my garden vegetables”.   I open the cupboard below the sink and am greet with a steam of water!!  ARGH!!!!

The elbow joint has a huge hole in it.  There is water everywhere and it went through the floor and into the basement.   Of course the kitchen is above the computer room so hubby’s computer and printer got a nice bath.  ARGH!!!  

Hubby wanted me to leave the dishes, but I just couldn’t.  We have staff in each day to work with Erik and I can’t stand to have dirty dishes in the sink.  So I resorted to washing dishes in the bathroom.  That was an advneture to say the least!!   I am going to scrub up some water and head to bed.   I have been having some bad luck lately.  I didn’t even tell you yet about the little fender bender I was in on Friday with my van.  ARGH!!!!  


Jen C


0 responses to “Just My Luck…….

  1. Oh Nooooo!!! Oh I hate that for you!
    I also wanted to add that Tommy’s room looks great!

  2. Oh No!! I hate that for you!!
    I also wanted to add that Tommy’s room looks great!

  3. That happened to me not too long ago. And the guy who came to fix the broken elbow joint was trying to use the old one instead of putting a new one on when it definitely needed the new joint……trying to save money???? He put the new one on finally. I hate when things like that happen. Anything to do with plumbing to go wrong…..aaarrgghhh!
    I like the wooden letters. Wish I had the time to do that for my girls room.
    Take care and God Bless You!

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