Our Fishy Tale…..

I will post a official vacation blog very soon.  I have more pictures to share, but I have to post some pictures for daddy from today’s fishing adventure.  I am not sure he believes how big the fish was we caught today was!!!

See honey….it’s true!!


Tommy and my great nephew, Samuel with the fish we caught!!  Yep…that is a 22 inch Northern.  Trust me we were all pretty surprised to catch that one!


The boys thought it was very cool!


All the boys watched while grandma cleaned the fish.  I wasn’t sure how they would react to that, but they all were pretty interested. 


0 responses to “Our Fishy Tale…..

  1. So sorry, but I have to ask, what is a Northern???? A fresh water fish, I guess? I’m not a big fish eater except for very mild salt water fish (grouper, mahi mahi, basa, etc.). Jesse doesn’t like fish unless it’s fried – and I hate eating fried foods any more than I have to, so . . . we don’t eat much fish around here!

  2. sounds like you are having a good vacation. wow, what a great catch your son got!  🙂  fun!
    Enjoy your week. 😉

  3. Thats a nice size for a fish. You all must have had fun catching it. I love eating fish…fried. Yum!
    Oh and I received my copy of Septembers in Shiraz. Thats a really good book!! I’m enjoying it. Thanks.
    Have a great vacation!!

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