Groceries for July….

I am trying to stretch our food budget as far as possible to make up for the extra money needed for gas each week.  Most times I try to stretch my two week menu to last three weeks.  I am also needing to make lunched for Tommy to take to daycare and also have food available for lunch for Erik and his PCA. 

June 15th – Grocery Shopping Day

Aldi  – 131.06
Cub Foods – 115.69

Total Spent – 246.75 –

This most likely will be close to my total for the month.  I don’t plan on buying Groceries again until July.  I will need to buy alot of processed food then as I am going to be out of town from July 3rd until the 16th and hubby will be with the older two boys and preparing meals.


Month of May Grocery Totals–  In May I bought groceries twice during the month.

5/10/08 – 188.39

5/24.08 – 183.34

Total for May – 371.73. 


0 responses to “Groceries for July….

  1. Good job on keeping the grocery bill down, it sure is getting harder with the prices going up.  I’m doing a pantry challenge the last couple months, that helps keep the cost down too.
    Blessings!  🙂

  2. @WisconsinMomof2 – what is the pantry challenge???

  3. We are huge eaters AND when I shop, it’s a “Wal-Mart one stop shop” to pick up everything from body lotion, to dog food, to our food, to underwear, to birthday cards . . . I’m sure if I went to cheaper places, here and there, it would cost less, but then the cost of gas for my Suburban . . . I try to encourage my doctors to prescribe things that are on the Wal-Mart pharmacy’s $4 list to help with medical costs.Like I said, I have huge eaters, and, today, I just spent $180-something at Wal-Mart on a turkey and some chicken tenders, cleaning products, milk, juice, cheese, detergents et, al for the laundry room and other cleaning products, salad stuff, and some rolls. A few odds & ends like barbecue sauce, oatmeal, & sour cream . . . with $180-something as the end result. I try to buy Wal-Mart’s GV brand as often as possible. I AM paying more attention to prices and definitely see an increase of 10 cents here and 12 cents there adding up.We buy tons of meat at one time and repackage it into smaller quantities and freeze. Same with bread, or marked down meats.An idea for daycare lunches (if your child will eat it) is flour tortillas spread w/cream cheese and a thin slice of meat (OR grated carrots) and then roll the tortilla up like a burrito. My friend does that for her daughter’s lunches.You’re doing better than me in the grocery bill department! That’s why we eat so much PBJ & grilled cheese sandwiches at home for lunch. Not because I’m in love with them, but to put gas in my Suburban!!! If we eat hotdogs for lunch – we’re livin’ high on the hog!!!

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