May Grocery Budget…

Overall I stayed within our budget for the month of May.  We budget $100 a week to feed our family of 5 each week.  This month I stayed under that amount.  I would like to try next month to keep our weekly amount to about $90.00 a week.  But I doubt that I will be able to do that as I have to provide lunch for Tommy to eat each day at daycare for the summer.  I also have to provide lunch for Erik and his PCA.   I will have to include lunches on my menu planning starting next time. 


5/10/08 = Aldi – 113.73
                Cub – 74.66

5/24/08 = Cub – 106.18 (lots of meat for next month)
                 Aldi – 69.16
                 Bread Store – 8.00

May Total = $371.73



0 responses to “May Grocery Budget…

  1. That’s awesome, bravo, BRAVO!!! I wish we had an ALDI’s I’ve heard such good things about them.

  2. We have an Aldi’s but they do not have scooters for handicapped /disabled folks

  3. OOPS, I meant to say you did really good coming under budget.

  4. Amazing!  What’s your secret?

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