Mom’s Get A Way – DAY 1

Hey everyone – I made the trip.  It was raining and no fun driving the entire trip here.  I decided since it was raining I would eat before checking into the hotel.   I had supper at Red Lobster and enjoyed a lovely Ultimte Feast while I read my book.    While I was dining my mother called me.  My brother, Monte is in the hospital in Rapid City.  He is going to be transferred to the VA hospital in Sturgis.  He has a very serious infection in his arm.  He has a MRSA infection and his whole arm is swollen.  He had seen the Dr earlier in the week, but it didn’t get better on the antibiotic they had given him so he is the hospital now.  My brother is single.  My parents are going down to be with him in the hospital. 

I got all checked in and am getting ready to put on my sweats and curl up and read for the evening. 


Hey  Tommy……Here is a video of where mommy is staying.  I will try to make you another video tomorrow about my day.  So just like when I put you to bed, you can still asked me “how was your day??”.    Here is my day today… ya, buddy!

Good Night, Tommy.  Love ya!


0 responses to “Mom’s Get A Way – DAY 1

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your brother…I just prayed for him! What a neat little video…it was cool to hear your voice and put it with a face. Sorry it is rainy…have a great weekend!

  2. So sweet to make Tommy a video of where Mom is!

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