What Season is it anyways???

Hey everyone – Sorry I have once again been missing in action.  I have just finished writing budgets at work so things will go back to my normal level of busy.   Spring break was hard on me.  I worked evenings so I could be home with the boys during the day.   I am glad to be back to a somewhat normal schedule.  I am am still working later on Mondays but am going in later.


We had a nice weekeend.  For the first time in months, I did not work this weekend.  It was a nice break!  I will probably return to working every other weekend again until I get caught up.   It was so nice on Saturday.  We were up early and ran errands in the morning.  We went to fleet farm for jackets and rain boots.   We then all went out to eat at the Great Moon Buffet.   That was a nice treat.  We called Josh and he joined us as well. 

We bought Tommy a razor scooter so he was on that going up and down the street all day!  I sat outside in the front yard with the dogs and read.  I have not been reading so it was goog to finally finish  book.  I read Fool’s Puzzle by Earlene Fowler.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks fo the recommendation, Immax3.  I started another book on Sunday, The Gathering by Anne Enright. 

Hubby and Josh bought a new saw at Sears so they are excited to finish up the deck and treehouse.  We are also going to add a stone patio in the backyard this year.   Mother’s Day is always our big day to plant the garden and get things done around the yard.   I am looking forward to it!


Last week we attended the funeral of our neighbor, Jerome.  He had been struggling with me health for the last few years.  He was such a sweet man.  He was 78 and had known my hubby since he day hubby’s parents brought him home from the hospital. 

Our neighborhood seems to be chaning and not in a good way.  Saturday while I was sitting out front I watched two boys go up to a neightbors house and steal a bike.  At the time I didn’t know they were stealing it.  ARGH!!  Hubby and I had two couples we would hang out with on the block.  Both families have children the same age as us.  Well both mothers have moved out and the Dads have remained living on the block with the kids.  If this weekend was how this is going to be…it is not a good thing.  The one neighbor let his son have a party and I think they had alcohol at the party.  Those kids are underage and I so don’t agree with that. 

Friday, hubby took the day off as Tommy and Erik had a day off of school.  I worked for the day and came home in time for Family Movie Night.  It is getting to be about the time of the year when we will need to end Family movie Night until the summer is over.  The children rather be outside playing as it is so nice outside. 


I am home for a couple of hours this morning to get the house cleaned up from the weekend.  I need to finish up dishes, clean cat litter and do some more laundry before I head to work.  Hope you all have a great day!  It isn’t that nice out today…it was snowing again this morning, but it didn’t stay on the ground thankfully.  

Blessings to you…..


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  1. The ways kids are these days, and the way their parents ALLOW them to be, just bothers me so much. Perhaps it is because the parents lack moral character and integrity, so their children just learn what they see and hear

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