Seen Any Good Movies Lately??

How often are you asked if you have read a good book or seen a good movie lately??  I am always asked and I can never remember what I last saw or read.   This is why I have my book site.  I list the books I read.  I have been recording the books I read each month for years.  

I just started the same type of site for the movies I watch!!   I am going to record and rate each movie I watch.  Check out Jen’s Movie Gallery to see what I have been watching lately!  I am watching more movies now as I simply love the Redbox.   I can even reserve the movie I want online and will be sure it is there when I go to pick it up.  Great way to rent movies!!   Movies are only $1.07 a night when rented at the Redbox sites!

The rebbox has new movies every Tuesday when the DVD’s are released!  


0 responses to “Seen Any Good Movies Lately??

  1. Hello…..I love reading but don’t have all that much time to do so. And I have a portable DVD player that I have hardly used since my son bought it for me for my birthday. I will have to check out your movie and book lists.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love this post. I was interested in all the links. Thanks.

  3. We have seen lots of movies lately, but I can’t say that they were good, sadly. Probably the best one was I Am Legend. We’ve seen Atonement, Love in the Time of Cholera, and The Last Legion. Atonement and Love in the Time of Cholera  were depressing and very…uhm…sexual.

  4. Have you actually watched all of the movies posted, or just the ones you left a 1-5 numbered review?

  5. We have a Redbox in our Albertsons and I love it, we rent at least one movie a week now.

  6. I have no clue what the last movie was I saw. LOL! we are homebodies. We used to order our movies online thru blockbuster but cancelled due to finances.

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