No longer quiet at our home, but it is good noise.   The neighbors boys ages 8 and twins age 4 came over to play Wii with Tommy.  Erik went with staff to complete his application to sign up for the YMCA and will play basketball for a while.  I made a deal with him that he had to put going there once a week into his weekly schedule.  We will see how that goes.  We just want him to find a hobby to fill his free time. 

Well the phone jsut rang in the other neighbor also wants to come over.  So I best get back to hanging out with the boys. 


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  1. Hobbies are a great idea and it’s something he can identify with too. You are such a great mom!!
    I got a kick our of the farting silly putty…as a mommy to two boys I was aware of that noise as well.

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