I was glad to have be the one to come home from work early yesterday.  Since I was home I was able to get the house cleaned up.  I changed sheets and mopped floors, etc.   I of course stayed up way too late.  Oh well..what is new.  Sleep is so over-rated, right?

Today ….

I was home to meet Erik’s bus again today and did interviews with Erik and Faith.   We interviewed three people to work with Erik after school and in the summer.    Erik assisted in the interviews and selected one person to work with him.   Luckily for me he selected the same person that I thought would be good with him.  We interviewed 2 college age girls and one guy.   Faith will offer the girl the job and hopefully she accept the position and is committed to working with Erik for at least one year.

So soon life will be a little easier in regards to stretching my time between so many commitments.   What a relief!


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  1. I hope that this new person will be a good fit for Erik and your family, and that she will be just perfect for what Erik needs.Not being nosy, but is Erik related to your family? I notice that some weekends he goes to his Mom’s. I figured that it was easier to just ask than to keep wondering. I also know that some parents have a child that has so many challenges, that even though they love that child, but are just not mentally or physically able to handle all the problems that present themselves.I applaud you for your dedication to Erik’s well-being.T~

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