Home from the Dr….

The doctor gave Tommy an anti-nasuea med at the clinic.   He had vomited twice while we were at the clinic.  He was given the med and then we waited a bit to see if he kept if down.  He did keep it down, so in an hour he will start taking a few teaspoons of pedialyte every 15 minutes.  The med made he very tired so he had to be taken out of the clinic in a wheelchair as he was dizzy and unsteady on his feet. 

 I have a large amount of icky bedding to wash.  YUCK!   We will be on the watch to avoid dehydration, but it just seems to be a stomach flu.   Hopefully it only lasts a few days and hopefully no one else gets it!!!! 


0 responses to “Home from the Dr….

  1. Oh I sure do hope Tommy feels better soon, I remember being sick like that as a kid and it sure wasnt any fun poor guy. Try to have a good weekend and I hope nobody else gets sick either k.

  2. I’m so sorry Tommy is sick! Hope he feels better soon. It’s rough when the little kids get the flu.  I pray nobody else gets sick and you possibly get to do SOMETHING this weekend.

  3. Oh dear! Poor Tommy & Jen! I hope he gets better very soon and that the rest of you don’t get it.

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