Change of Plans….

My kids always seem to have me changing my plans.  Will I be going to work tomorrow…..nope, not as of about 5 minutes ago.   And no Mom and Dad will not be going to the fundraiser!   Tommy came into our room and got in bed with us.  Nothing new he does it most nights.   Soon he says he doesn’t feel good.  Off to the bathroom we go and he is vomiting.   I go to his room to get clean clothes.   Before coming to our room he had vomited all over his room.  ARGH!    I have some major laundry to do tomorrow.   So I wake up hubby to sit in the bathroom with Tommy while I clean up the mess in his room. 

So I will be home with the sick little one tomorrow and staying home from our evening out as well.   Will be an evening in with a sick little guy.  

Plans…..what’s that!    Have a great night/day!


0 responses to “Change of Plans….

  1. Poor thing! I hope he feels better really soon!

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