I had planned on waking up early this morning so I could wash dishes before church. It did not happen that way.  I was up early, before my planned time, but I am sick.  ARGH!!   I can’t beleive it and I have no time what so ever for being sick.   I woke up unable to breathe and just feeling under the weather.    I dug out my nebulizer and hope to keep ahead of this illness so I keep my asthma under control.  This is the first time I have been sick all season.  I was having such a good year so I am very sad to be sick now.  My next hope is that I can keep this under control without going back on steroids.   I am using inhaled steroids, but really need to not take the regular prednisone. 

Oh and what would a cold be without a great big cold sore!!!  Argh!

Well I am heading back to bed with my book and my box of kleenex….I hope you all have a great day!  


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  1. My son has asthma and as soon as I detect he is getting sick I have to drag out his nebulizer too, it’s so much easier to stay ahead of it! :)Praying you feel better soon!

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