Plan for the day….

I had a great night of sleep!  Gotta love waking up and feeling ready for the day for once!   I slept in until 8:00, which was nice.  I got up and started doing some laundry.  I love the quiet moments of the day before my family is up and turning on the TV, etc.  I sat on the couch reading my book and enjoying the quiet of the morning.  Of course the silence was disturbed at about 9:15 by the telemarketer calling.  ARGH!!  That woke up the rest of the family.

Today is an official government holiday so I don’t have to work, but I need to.  So after getting my third load of laundry going for the day I am in my bedroom getting ready to work on completing dictation on my caseload.  My goal for today is to get all caught up so that when I go into the office tomorrow I am concentrate on something else.  This is something that has been hanging over my head for a bit again.   I was going to go into the office for the day, but hubby wanted me to be at home.  I always find it hard to work at home as I see other things I rather be doing.   I only plan to do some laundry while I work….that is it!

I am going to watch a movie and type, type, type……so hopefully by the end of the day I will feeling good about getting caught up in work.  First movie of the day…..The Nanny Diaries…I read the books a while back. 

Check in with you all later……


0 responses to “Plan for the day….

  1. It’s almost luch time but I figure there are still 10 minutes left so……Good Morning!

  2. WOW, sleeping in sounds heavenly, glad you were able to sleep in. Have a great week.

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