2008 Book Group Schedule


January 24                                 Tess of the d’Urberville’s                                   

                                                Thomas Hardy


February 28                               The Golden Road: Notes on my Gentrification                 Deb                                                                               Caille Millner



March 27                                   The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox

                                                Maggie O’Farrell



April 24                                     The Bastard of Instanbul

                                                Elif Shafak



May 22                                      A Thousand Splendid Suns   

                                                Khaled Hosseini                                               


June 26                                     Love in the Time of Cholera

                                                Gabriel Garcia Marquez



July 24                                     



August 28                                 



September 25                           



October 23                               



November ?                              



December ?                              




0 responses to “2008 Book Group Schedule

  1. WOW! Tess of d’Ubervilles is my all time favorite book. There is a movie out as well, by Roman Polanski. It is one of the few books that I would read more than once. Talk about drama!

  2. A thousand splendid Suns was a fabulous book and a horrifying reality check. It will be a great book club book.

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