Christmas 2007 006

Our Spread of Appetizers for Christmas Eve prepared by Hubby and Josh.

(note our pooch Teddy checking out up the food!)

Didn’t they do a fabulous job!

Christmas 2007 012

Hubby and I found a little school desk for Tommy on Craigslist.  The best $5 Christmas gift ever! 

He loves it!!!

 Christmas 2007 010

We went to the dollar store and filled the desk with a ton of supplies!

Christmas 2007 008

My boys……they really do love each other, some days!

Christmas 2007 016

Erik and Josh playing the Guitar Hero Josh has for the computer!

Nice look, Josh… weirdo!

Christmas 2007 014

Erik opening his gifts with his audience!



Actually everyone was up way before me and waiting nicely to open presents when I awoke.  Today has been a lovely day in our home.  We have all three of our sons home and it finally feels like Christmas to me.    Erik is home for two days for Christmas.  He is currently at a 30 day evaluation at a residential treatment center.   To be totally honest it has made it a sad Christmas for me in addition to the knee surgery as well.  But I am very happy to have all three of the boys together for Christmas.   This morning they opened their joint gift from Santa and have been playing together nicely all day.  Santa brought a Wii and  number of games.   I think they are finally trying out the last game, wait, I don’t think they have opened the Guitar Hero yet!   They played until lunch time.  After lunch I had them clean up the living room and do dishes.  The rest of the afternoon they have been playing.   Dad and I mostly watch, but occasionally play a couple of games.   Hubby put two chickens into the crockpot and we will be eating shortly. 

Christmas 2007 018

Stocking opening….Erik is wearing his new Hollister shirt from Josh.

Christmas 2007 019

Josh and Dad digging through Josh’s stocking….

I took a little nap this afternoon while watching the boys play their game.  I am off to enjoy some more time with my boys.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!!   Remember and enjoy your blessings today.  God Bless.


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  1. We love our Wii, I’m sure the boys will continue to have a blast! I’m glad you have all three of them there with you.Merry Christmas and I hope your knee continues to heal up nicely!

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