Update in Photos….

Last weekend was all about Tommy.  We had soccer and two birthday parties on Saturday!   He played his last soccer game and scored two goals!  This was the first time he had scored!!  His grandparents were even here to see it! 


The Grey Dragons


Mr. Tommy – He loved soccer!!!  What a great season!


Next was Tommy’s Birthday Party with his friends.  We played games and had cake to celebrate with his friends from the neighborhood, preschool and his new school.   His big brother, Josh even made a haunted house in the garage for the kids.  


Bobbing for Apples..


The Mummy Game….


Two little Mummies…..


Tyler hitting the Pinata


Everyone Waiting their turn..
(Keiler, Sammy, Noah, Cooper, Tyler and Tommy)


Cupcakes!!  (Tyler, Cooper, Tommy and Kristen) 


Sammy, Noah and Keiler 


Tommy and his best friend from Preschool!


Playing in the leaves…..thanks for the pile Dad! 




Oreo Cake


We had a very full house for our family party!  Even the older cousins came!


Presents and presents….



Tommy is very excited to have joined Chess Club.  Yep…his school has a chess club and they start playing in Kindergarten!    I took Tommy to chess club the first night and he played against a 4 year old from the preschool.  It was so amazing to me how Tommy and the little boy grasped the concepts of chess.  The dad who teaches chess is fabulous with the kids!  His son started playing when he was 4 as well.  


Josh is helping to teach Tommy and I to play chess. 



Josh shut Tommy into the Kennel this evening…ARGH!!!  Luckily Tommy thought it was great fun!


He even had the puppy join him!   



I only have one day off this weekend.  I have to go into work for most of the day on Sunday.  Today we got alot done around the house and yard.  In the morning hubby, Tommy, Erik and I went to Fleet Farm to get snow boots for Tommy.   Then we stopped at the library.  I got another new book I am looking forward to starting. 

Once home, the guys did yard work and I did my menu and shopping list.   I headed off to get Groceries.   Hubby finished up the yard work and helped to put the food away.   I straightened up the living room and hubby made supper.  

Now, I am going to clean up the kitchen and hubby and the boys are watching a movie and playing chess.  

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight!!  Fall one hour behind…gotta love an extra hour of sleep!



0 responses to “Update in Photos….

  1. Congrats to Tommy!! Looks like you have been having so much fun! Have a nice night.

  2. Looks like everyone had lots of fun!!!

  3. Hi! What great fun. The photos are wonderful. Enjoy your day.

  4. Great photos! Looks like lots of fun!

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