Night Of Little Sleep..

I really didn’t do well at getting up on time this morning.  ARGH!!   I am just getting up now.   I went to bed on time, but I took Tommy to the ER around 1:30AM.   He woke up wheezing and gasping for air.  He was crying ” I am dying I can’t breathe”.   He was scaring me, since I am asthmatic I took him to the ER.   He has an upper respiratory illness. 

He would get croup so much when he was a baby.  He still has a pretty croupy cough   I hope he is better soon.  So I am home with him until 11:00 and then Josh will watch him so I can go to the dentist.  I have a later afternoon meeting so my hubby will need to come home so I can go to that.  

Never a dull moment with little ones……

0 responses to “Night Of Little Sleep..

  1. Poor guy! There is always something with these little people of ours isn’t there!?

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