Tommy is starting to feel a little bit better.  He actually asked me to make him some scrambled eggs this evening.  He really hadn’t eaten all day.   I think he will be home again tomorrow from school.  He still seems very lethargic and has a croupy cough.  

I went to my dentist appointment today and they used some type of material to fill in the broken off area of the tooth.  It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.   I will need a crown on that tooth.  I have one more stress fracture and two buckle fractures on that tooth.   Hopefully another part doesn’t fall off before I can get the crown put on.  I had no idea how incredibly expense that would be.  The estimate for the crown is $982.00.  Yikes….that is a house payment.   I plan on getting the temporary crown put on when I have the day off for Veteran’s Day.  

Well I am off to go and lay down with Tommy.  I am having him sleep in our bed with me and I want to make sure he is breathing of throughout the night.   Tomorrow I will go into work for my unit meeting in the morning than I will come home and stay with Tommy.  


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  1. Glad Tommy is starting to feel better. Aren’t the price of Crowns utterly ridiculous? I am getting one done next week… I too am praying that the darned tooth doesnt fall apart before the appointment because Ive put it off SO long. $1200…. OUCH! Hense whey Ive put it off. Here’s to Tommy being on the mend and tip top by the weeks end.

  2. So glad Tommy is feeling better.
    Yikes! That’s lots of money, so crazy!
    Praying you have a good day, take care.

  3. Praying for Tommy!  Expensive crown, WOW!  Jenn

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